Sat Aug 10, 2013, 200 words, read in about 1 mins.
golang mysql security database

The following text is fiction based on a true story, but it can happen with lots of development teams over the world:

Once upon a time there was a development team that liked to use dumps from the production database in their development environments to have the same content and behavior of the production system in their machines. To avoid security problems, the system administrator created a script to dump the production database, import in a temporary database, then replace all sensitive data, like salts, passwords, customer names, emails, etc, for fake data, then export a dump of this temporary database to a file that is the dump developers would use. However this script was taking more time to run, day by day, and each day it was using more resources from the server to run, until it exploded!

Based on this true story I’ve decided to make a program to solve this problem. The first version was made in Python 2.7 in a few hours, but I got trapped in text encoding problems of Python and MySQLdb library. So I’ve decided to rewrite it using Go.

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